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18 July 2011


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Brava. You deserve a stiff drink and a nice (unspoiled) dog.


Did you lose a game of paper, rock, scissors?


Judge (the dog) doesn't ever eat dog food -- he only eats people food. So they order extra Chinese food for him, and when they have pancakes, he gets a plate of them (with some sausage links on the side).

I don't remember whether or not he gets syrup and butter.


@Doret: I'm just a masochist.


It sounds not just searingly awful, but actually enraging. Ick.


By the last quarter, I was so very, very angry that I had to put it down every few pages and do some deep breathing.

And also rant to Josh.

And I know I wasn't just over-reacting, because he was horrified by some of the quotes I threw his way.

Angela H.

We want quotes! We want quotes! Of the aforementioned horrifying and rant-inducing nature, naturally. :)

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