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12 July 2011


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Ms Avery

Ha ha, that article is great.

(Although I have to say, in my limited experience of Mills & Boons, there were a surprising number of condoms being bandied about, except for one time where there was no condom and it led to a melodramatic pregnancy scare.)


"And not just through that genre – much more damaging, concerned parents might think, is the complete disregard for reproductive health awareness in literature for younger readers. Perhaps we can forgive this carelessness in a story such as The Hobbit, though its publication coincided with a good deal of unsafe sex; or The Secret Garden, despite the charged relationship between Mary and Dickon."

Wait. Where, pray tell, is there ANY sex in The Hobbit?!!! I suppose it's implied with Tom Bombadil and Goldberry, since they're freakin' married, but since they don't appear to have produced any children in eons of time, the need for condoms seems irrelevant, doesn't it?
And Mary and Dickon? Isn't she, like, 9? And I don't recall any pedophilia or rape scenes going on.....

"...it is unfortunate that JK Rowling neglected to squeeze even one lesson about sexual health into Harry Potter's Hogwarts timetable. Unsurprisingly, in the later books, we find the 17-year-old alumni, often roaming the world in small, unaccompanied gangs, placing themselves at considerable risk. Recall the scene in a tent, more fully explored in the last film, where Hermione dances with Harry? Only memories of Ron Weasley appears to stand between Hermione and the strong possibility of a teen wizard pregnancy."

Uh. No. Harry Potter is one of the most chaste YA books out there. Harry occasionally fantasizes about kissing Ginny, and that's as far as it goes. If anything, it's an abstinence message going on there.
And the dancing scene only occurs in the movie, not the book.
Also, they're wizards. Surely Hermione would know an "accio condom" spell. Ya think?

Look, I have no problem with books that show characters practicing safe sex. Really, that's good.
But this writer is really groping (pun intended) for stuff to back up her arguments if she has to resort to these.


No, no, the lady at the Guardian is being sarcastic about the other lady! She's totally joking!


Well, I just missed the boat on everything today -- including putting Tom Bombadil in The Hobbit when he's in LOTR.
Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.
*hangs head in shame*


Awww. If it makes you feel any better, it's, like, ONE BILLION DEGREES HERE. So my brain has been way tiny today. And my nerves have been frazzled. And my temper short.

I'm a Mainer! We don't deal well with this sort of thing.


Heck yeah this is ealxcty what I needed.

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