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03 August 2011


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MSA may qualify as one of the worst original VCA books. I think it scarred me for life. So I vote yes. :D


Ha ha ha! You're a doll, dangermom! :D


Or you could read Forever Young Adult's review, tellingly headed "a review of the worst book in history."


Ah, but if I end up reading it, I wouldn't want FYA's opinion to color mine! (I'll totally have to read it after, though! If I read it, I mean.)


I totally vote yes. It was one of the best worst books I read as a teen!


Poll results show a big pocket of support in New England. Do it. Doooooooo it.

MSA has the advantage of being a rare stand-alone VC Andrews, so there's no danger of being sucked into a long, terrible series. (Only a long, terrible book.)


I'm thinking that it's probably going to happen, Brandy. *cringes at the thought*

Cranky Sarah

Oh, you'll want to gouge your brain out your eye sockets with a spork, but you should totally, totally read it. It's completely crackaddled.

I think I might still have the copy I had in high school around here somewhere. Masochistic urge to read along rising...

Electric Landlady

Yes, but only if you blog it for us! (Apparently I am bossy tonight.)

Melissa Wiley

Oh read it, do. This is the book I thought of when I read the Meghan Cox Gurdon piece decrying the dark and sordid content these naughty contemporary YA authors are pouring into young minds. Ah, for the innocent golden age of my middle-school years when we passed around wholesome fare like My Sweet Audrina and The Valley of Horses.


Oh, heck. Now I totally have to read it.

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