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10 August 2011


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Angela H.

I also heart, heart, heart this. Especially the part where Mr. Rogers does the wave. :D


As I said on FB earlier today, he's the stuff. Love him so much.


I'm really pleased that you're such a Fred Rogers fan. I'm a Pittsburgher who's worked with a lot of people who've worked with him (and I've met Mr. McFeely several times! With and without makeup!), so I've got inside incentive to love him; so when people who aren't even from the area who don't have preschoolers to rediscover him with are huge fans, it's... pretty awesome. He deserves it.


@rockinlibrarian: I grew up on PBS. And while I loved Sesame Street and 3-2-1 Contact, I was always a Fred Rogers girl. Always adored him, always will.

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