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12 August 2011


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Wow, that sounds just... DUMB on their part. Do publishers not READ Best Of lists? Or is the library/other-people-who-do-read-those-lists market REALLY not that important to them?


BOOOO. Sad to hear that money is the only important thing to Simon & Schuster when it comes to this series. This weekend, I'm settling down with the ARC of The Isle of Blood and trying to pretend it won't be the last one.

April Books&Wine

This is incredibly disappointing. They will print crappy Snooki whose book didn't even sell that well, I think. Yet won't keep a fantastic series like The Monstrumologist. Awesome.


They published Snooki's book, too? Ick.


Thanks for spreading the word! Just want everyone to know that we're trying to save the series. It takes about three seconds to email Simon and Schuster--and it could make all the difference!



I saw your blog post earlier today, Stephanie, and I sent in an email. Hopefully enough people will do the same and S&S will listen because those books are awesome (and this coming from a person who does not enjoy creepy/gory books). Does anyone know if they will still release Isle of Blood if they decide to go through with this?


I could easily see this series being repackaged and sold in Horror. I think the series would gain a larger audience if it was moved. Horror needs some new blood. When customers were browsing in that section I would walk Monstrumologist over to them. Many were receptive do in part to the great cover and the fact that its very hard to find beautifully creepy bloody novels.

Maureen E

WHAT THE WHAT? This makes me ragey.

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