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04 August 2011


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I saw the picture before I saw your words, and had exactly the same thought sequence--no pants! Santa boots! Oh.


I too had the identical thought progression! Eep!


And my first thought was sort of a combination of those: Is wearing nothing but fuzzy boots supposed to look sexy here? Because it SO doesn't.....


1. No pants!
2. Why are his knees wrinkly?
3. Santa boots!
4. Never figured out the wrinkly knees were pants.

Wendi Gratz

I agree totally about the (lack of) pants on this unfortunate cover. And at the risk of ruining my smart, bookish reputation, I'm going to suggest that you read one Johanna Lindsey book. May I recommend Gentle Rogue? There are pirates! Sexy pirates! And the plucky, modern-minded heroine disguises herself as a cabin boy. I've always been a sucker for stories where the plucky girl disguises herself as a boy - and this one has that PLUS swoony, blush-inducing sex scenes! It's pure, unpretentious fun and I have a sneaky feeling that you might like it.

I'm tempted to submit this anonymously, but I don't work in the book biz anymore. Who cares if people find out that I have read (and enjoyed) the occasional trashy romance?


I worked in a used bookstore in the 90s. My best friend/co-worker had the task of shelving the romance section, and he always said that the Johanna Lindseys had the dirtiest sex scenes.


Wendi: I'll totally give it a try! (I haven't avoided her because I have any issues with her or (obviously) the genre, only because she's got such an insane backlist that I didn't know where the best place to start would be!)

Lisa: Uh oh. I'd better get ready to start blushing, then!


Where are they that it's so cold he has to wear furry boots but not cold enough that he needs a shirt?

Diana Peterfreund

I'm pretty sure I owned that exact book in high school. I read ALL the JLs.

My favorite was Once a Princess, which was about a lost not-Russian-but-might-as-well-be-Russian princess, and the angsty scarred crown prince-from-the-new-dynasty she's been betrothed to since birth who is combing the Louisiana brothels in search of her and her royal tattoo.

Yes. Exactly that.

I also liked Hearts Aflame, which is about a plucky female viking who gets caught on a raid and the Saxon lord who captures her. It's a sequel to Fires of Winter, but I don't recommend that one because, like a few of the Lindsey's, it's a little rapey.

Be aware: most Lindseys have a pretty strong madonna/whore thing going on. Like "it's okay to sleep with the heroines if they AREN'T virgins," and sometimes the heroes make ridiculous contortions of logic to convince themselves that the women AREN'T. And sometimes, there are ridiculous leaps of logic (like the princess raised in the La brothel being a virgin) in the stories themselves, but that's old school romances for you.


As a former JL fan (after I got married I lost all interest in the romance genre, now mystery is where it's at for me, go figure) I'd have to say Bertrice Small had the raunchiest sex scenes. Believe it or not, I didn't read them for the sex. I'd have to say my favorite JL books are Fires of Winter and When Love Awaits, because it takes awhile before the heroine falls for the hero. I love your blog!


So, why is he wearing Santa boots? Has anyone read this book to find out???

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