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01 August 2011


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Dean is a despicable POS. I love Emily way more than Anne, and that's saying a lot because I adore Anne. There's just something about Emily. Love love love those books.


I can't comment at Kirkus, so I'm coming back to say I prefer Vicky Bliss to Amelia Peabody and Jacqueline Kirby - mostly because of John, I think.

R. J. Anderson

I was Team Dean not because I in any way sympathized, approved of or would even try to justify what he does to Emily in this book, but because I fiercely refused to believe that Dean would have done such a thing at all and I felt like LMM had done him (and me, the young and impressionable reader who got SO EXCITED at the thought of Emily and Dean together because I'd never believed it could actually happen, but I'd wanted it to) a terrible wrong.

Seriously, Dean's actions in this book make no sense. He's been charmed by Emily, AS Emily, for years. I cannot imagine how he could possibly be in love with her and want to marry her without being fully aware that being a writer is what she is, the essence of her very being, and that to ask her (much less FORCE her) to give up her writing would be to destroy the very qualities that drew him to her in the first place. The way he behaves in this book, it's like he's been taken over by some hideous Pod Creature.

Therefore I conclude that this is yet another case of an otherwise brilliant author succumbing to the hateful trope that The Disabled Guy Can't Have The Girl (Because His SOUL Is Crippled, Do You Get That? HIS SOUL) and that makes me want to go HULK SMASH, so I have to stop talking about it.

So I'm not really Team Dean but Team Dean-As-I-Think-He-Should-Have-Been-But-Wasn't... because being Team Teddy is totally beyond me.

I know! I ship Emily/Books. There's an OTP that will never go wrong.


I love Vicky, too! But when I sit around, wishing for more non-Amelia books, it's always Kirby that comes to my mind first!


Yay! I'm so glad you finally got a chance to read it. I completely see what you mean regarding the pacing and you could miss the romantic resolution if you weren't reading closely enough - what a way to follow up pontifications on Quebec heaters.

For me, Mrs. Kent's character was most amazing in this book. In the other two she seems just spiteful but the development we get in this one made her leap off the page to me and I couldn't help but ache for her as I thought of her lonely life as the "mad woman in the attic" of the story.

Off to reread bits and pieces of the books again.


I have been in love with Teddy since the age of eleven (I might have written him a letter or two. I was very young...). The Dean tangent in this book always, ALWAYS broke my heart, every time I read it. Though I couldn't help but feel incredibly sorry for him that moment he walks away forever, I breathed an intense and audible sigh of relief and wonder when Emily finally realizes (all psychically) that she's doing something totally untrue by being with him. I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!!

Thank you for bringing attention to them on this blog. They are so painfully overlooked.


@R.J.: But his dismissive attitude towards (and jealousy of) her writing totally started in the second book! (Or at least, I felt the need to vent (<--Read: Rant.) about it when I wrote about Emily Climbs.) I definitely think it amped up in this one, but it started pretty early on in their relationship. I doubt that the 11-year-old me would have picked up on it, though.

And I take your point about the Crippled Soul thing, which isn't cool. Then again, there are lots of jerks in the world, and they do come in all shapes and sizes.

Either way: Emily/Books = YES.

@Sarah: Yes, the Mrs. Kent storyline was a revelation. And it choked me up more than anything else in the book. Just BRUTAL, from every angle. And, MAN: Emily was SO HARDCORE, holding on to that knowledge for SO LONG.

Brooke Shirts

I was always relieved that Emily didn't end up with Dean, but man . . . I sure wanted their house. With the little cat mirror! And the candles decorated with red and black diamonds! And doesn't Emily inherit some kind of special spoon set? Anyway, 12-year-old me was torn up about it.

(Or wait. It's been a while. Does she still get the house when she marries Teddy?)


She totally gets to keep the house. Which rules, and is the only reason I can't completely hate Stupid Dean.


I love the Emily books so very much, but this book always feels like a held in scream when I read it. (If that makes sense.) As in, I spend the entire time wanting to scream at them TALK TO EACH OTHER!!! All of the them! I mean, I realize that, for the time it was written, it is totally believable that Teddy and Emily, Ilse and Perry, Teddy and Ilse, and Perry and Emily can't just have frank conversations, but what about Perry and Teddy, or Emily and Ilse?!? They are supposed to be best friends! Right?! I really needed more when they finally get together to overcome all that frustration. And I want the eight books from Emily that we got from Anne, you know?


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