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23 August 2011


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Brian F.

For someone who's never had any problems making her feelings towards the whole Twilight saga crystal clear, you seem to enjoy giving them tons of free PR. :-)


I know!! I don't know what's wrong with me.

It's like watching a five-year-long trainwreck. That results in the engineer getting paid zillions of dollars.

Or something.


I kind of love the slightly-poofy sleeves he has in the chess picture.


And her lack of pants.

Auntie M.

She looks like she's wearing a diaper in that chess pic. Or a hankie. A very small hankie.


A teeny-tiny scrap of a hankie.


I love how he's wearing a lot of clothes and she's wearing a hankie.

Also that waterfall scene--it still looks like a bra to me. Bleck.


Of course Bella is playing chess in the movie. The movies have spent the last years trying to make Bella seem like a more interesting person than she is in the books. She's got to be doing SOMETHING in the movies, since she doesn't do anything in the books.



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