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17 August 2011


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Perhaps they ought to focus less on what books are in the stacks and more on WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THEM? OMG.


It's the head-in-the-sand way of thinking. If we don't recognize and do something about bad things that happen in our school, then nothing bad happened in our school. After all, in their minds their students are all little angels, at least until certain horrible, filthy books are allowed in and warp their perfect minds.

The full article is just awful and sad.


Wow. I cannot BELIEVE those School Officials. They sound horrid.


They made her personally deliver her apology letter to her rapist.
School District Superintendents:[email protected] ; [email protected] ;school principal [email protected]

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There was a school in Texas that made a cheerleader cheer for her rapist on the football team. When she refused they expelled her. There is definitely a feeling around the country that goes with the tea-party movement that males are always being unjustly accused of rape by evil females...

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