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20 August 2011


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Watchmen has illustrations too, but that's definitely not a book for children. How do people have a hard time with this? Pictures aren't just for kids, silly rabbit.


So, Hamlet, The Graphic Novel?
I am amused.


Viz. “The Mouse and His Child” by Russell Hoban (1967): widely (mis)taken to be a children’s book because it‘s about talking toys and animals who have adventures. And die. Hoban has said that he didn’t intend it to be for children, he just wrote the book that was in him, and it happened to be this book which is touching, disturbing and sometimes violent.


I am a little amused at the whole "we didn't realize it had sex scenes" bit. Did they realize it's a story about fratricide with a side of ambiguously suicidal drowning and assorted murders?


I thought you'd enjoy this trailer of the footloose remake which in no way is appropriate for three year old


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