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23 August 2011


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R. J. Anderson

Jared Sapiens from Catherine Fisher's INCARCERON. "Poet, philosopher, inventor, genius" according to the text, unswervingly loyal, wryly humorous, and also incidentally gorgeous enough in his slim dark way to turn ladies' heads wherever he goes.

All right, so he's also dying of an incurable disease, but you can't have everything.

Haley L.

I was pretty amused seeing Gen mentioned in the article--before I even clicked on the link, the "literary crush" that came into my head was Sophos from the same series! MWT seems to be pretty fantastic at writing complex crush fodder for girls...


Did you love Sophos from the moment you met him in the first book, or was it Conspiracy of Kings that did it?


I, too, am totally in love with Gen, but I haven't forgiven him for marrying someone who would cut off his hand!!!! (Nor the author). I haven't read the rest of the series. Should I give it a go?


I think you should definitely at least try King of Attolia--there's quite a bit in there about how it affects their relationship, so that might help!


I've loved Gen for a while and CoK made me adore Sophos, but Eldric from Chime is my new book crush. He is hilarious, he's proof that bad boys don't need to have piercings, tattoos and ride motorcycles, and he forms a secret club with another character in order to teach her how to box. Plus, he and Briony are precious together (and I swear he reminds me of Ted Dwane from Mumford & Sons -- I think it's the hair and him wearing tweed suits in half their videos).


Eldric: Excellent choice! Adorable and bad in a good way. Love him.


Oh, and I totally forgot Jonah Griggs from Jellicoe Road and Tom Finch from The Piper's Son and Saving Francesca. Melina Marchetta has created some wonderful guys. And I can't forget Cameron Wolfe from Getting the Girl and the rest of the books in that trilogy by Markus Zusak.


As a middle school kid, I was into Sandy and Dennys from Many Waters. I remember going back through all the books that had them in it, picking them apart when I had never really paid any attention to the "boring siblings" before.

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