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29 September 2011


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I thought we already did fallen angels.


We did, but I feel like nothing's taken off -- not the fallen angels, not zombies, and I can't imagine that it'll happen with mermaids -- like vampires did.

Jackie Parker

idk, there are an awful lot of angel books out, and they seem to be getting borrowed from here. But I hear ya. Ghosts are way more interesting. I don't want anything to do with mermaids.


Ditto re: mermaids. I just don't like them, unless they're evil sirens. (I've never even seen Splash.)

I guess there are a lot of angel books -- I was just thinking fallen angels, specifically, but there are also half angels and so on. And I wouldn't have thought to include CLSmith's Tantalize series in the category, but I they have vampires AND angels.

Speaking of angels, I really have to get caught up on Supernatural.


Ouch! My forthcoming novel (Monstrous Beauty, FSG BYR, August 2012) has mermaids -- killer mermaids. But it also has ghosts, so maybe you'll all still read it.

Sarah I.

GHOSTS! Yes. :)

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