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02 September 2011


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Didja see today's xkcd?


Must. Have!!!


Ha, no, I hadn't, T: Weird timing, that!


I hate those too but this one is pretty cool. The other day I saw a car w/ just a girl and a dog. I did think that was pretty cute and gutsy.


That is awesome. And I, too, dislike those stick figure families. I'm probably going to get struck by lightning just for saying this, but even worse are the stick figure families where they're all knelt down in prayer.

Amber Cuadra

Oh my word, those are amazing! I want some and I don't even have a car!

Beth G.

Oh, my. Searching "Doctor Who" on etsy is just a rabbit hole waiting for me to fall down it. Again.


Shame they're not real. Being dead square to the edges of the picture rather than to the bottom of the car window is a dead give-away. Someone should make them though.


Anyone thought to make a stick hangman's tree for the family? Possibly with a _simple_ word that they have missed all the letters for...


@aquafortis: Well we'll get struck down forever, so at least we'll be in good company.

@Steve: Although the picture is clearly Photoshopped, the stickers do exist -- the link up there will bring you to the Etsy shop that sells them!


You might enjoy my friend's car: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jbaugher/6132684243/

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