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09 September 2011


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Nic Dempsey

I have just started Starcrossed and was kind of hoping that you weren't going to say that. Off to pre-order (it's £1.70 for the Kindle version - that $2.70-ish in your money!)


HOLY COW. That's AMAZING. How is that even possible? Could it be a typo? Is it a SUPER-SECRET special?


Okay, technically those must not be spoilers, but now that I don't have the book in my hand and know that DeDreamy Decath is on the loose - well, not really - I'm dyin' here. Must hie me to The Book Depository...


Not spoilers! That happens in the FIRST CHAPTER! Or, well, you find out why he's in jail in the second chapter, but... yeah. A LOT HAPPENS.

And I love the Temple, where all of the Tiboran (the thieves' god) followers hang out. Wicked awesome.

Maureen E



Plenty of time to re-read StarCrossed, then!

Elizabeth Bunce

Thank you!! You're getting me excited for this book all over again! :) And that e-book price is NOT a typo (or a secret)--it's a super promotion to help Digger find even more fans! ~ecb


I am ridiculously excited for this book and all the other good ones that are coming out this autumn (I swear, I'm going to need to get another job to pay for all of these new books and records that are simply begging me to buy them).


Just finished this - and can join the crowd eager for Book 3



Melissa (Book Nut)

Finally finished this. Joining you panting for book three. That was an awesome twist there. Also: Durell is quite dreamy.


THESE BOOKS ARE AWESOME!!!!!CAN'T WAIT FOR THE THIRD BOOK!but i believe that most of the authors have gotten together and decided to make their endings annoying by leaving an extremely annoying cliff hanger, so it feels as if there must be a chapter after that, but of course there isn't. This makes you want to read the next book, but of course its not out yet. Read a book in the day, wait a year(or more) for the next book. How unfair is that?

Paper Wanderer

A friend of mine emailed the author and asked about the release date. There's a chance Book 3 may not be picked up by the publisher so my friend started a petition to show our support: http://twitition.com/yvehg


I finished the second book and started bawling. The cliffhanger...I think it broke me. Literally, I have been avoiding other series because of it, even if they are completed; I just can't stand cliffhangers any more. And now the third book may not be published.

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