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23 September 2011


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Ha, that must be the newer version. I just read my kid's copy the other day and it was all about some twin babies' lost parents. I always get a kick out of seeing how they would take a title and a cover illustration and produce a completely different story to fit the bill.


Ha! Yes, I read the yellow version. The twin babies are there (well, they're three), and the lost mother is there, but the father is dead and she's been searching for the babies for a year...

It was a totally, totally bizarre storyline: very, very Scooby-Doo. And hilarious that the kidnapping/record pirating/treasure storylines intersected, but that the kidnappers/pirates weren't looking for the treasure at all! (They didn't even know about it! They just didn't want snoopy kids uncovering their pirating operation.)


Yes, sadly these stories are ridiculous, but as an undiscerning youngster....I LOVED them.


This post is hilarious. AND I'm calling the paddy wagon.

Sarah Rettger

Oh, Leila, I've missed these!


I love the hilarious Nancy Drew crimes. Record pirating! My all-time favorite is the Nazca-drawing one, in which it turns out that the criminals are smuggling quinine. Seriously, QUININE?


Hilarious! But I don't know how you're going to sit through the next one without puking. Nancy is SO condescending (and ridiculous). Thanks for blogging, Ruby x

Unruly Reader

And still... still I love Nancy Drew. She's a chum of my childhood. And doggone it, those books are riveting when you're 8! (and not really meant to be read after age 12, because then... you know too much)

Very funny post.


I love her, too! Just for different reasons than when I was eight!


Nancy Drew books! Oh how I loved them as a kid. Through the eyes of an adult though, it all seems ridiculous now. Imagine toddler gymnastics making the headlines. Now I have to find my old copies and see if they still feel the same.

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