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26 September 2011


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Jackie Parker

Buzz is becoming much less reliable, isn't it?


Dammit. This sounded promising until you got to the guy with the green eyes.


@Jackie: It's AMAZINGLY unreliable. And yet sometimes so convincing.

@Chrissy: I know you, and I guarantee that you, personally, would want to punch him.


That last sentence: damned with faintest praise.

I thought I'd read something by this author before, and was horrified - and looked up Karen HEALEY, not Mahoney, and was vastly relieved.


Kick me if I ever write someone whose eyes are both luminous and green. I mean, when I see those, I usually expect to hit brakes or else make roadkill...


@T: I made the same mistake! I kept thinking, "How could this be by the same person??" and then having to remind myself that it WASN'T. Weird, that: Not even the same initials or the same number of syllables, and we still had the same thought.

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