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13 September 2011


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It really is a horrid cover. I was also hoping they'd change it. But the contents were fabulous. I read this during a particularly horrible day of flight delays. The book, and the free wine the airline eventually gave me, were about the only two good things about the day. Well... and I suppose finally getting home was pretty awesome too.


Yeah, that's a terrible cover... I read The Last Little Blue Envelope a couple weeks ago so I could be ready to start another series by her. I am looking forward to this book!


I ADORED THIS BOOK SO MUCH. Which reminds me, I should do a review of it...


sassymonkey & Kailana: I'm glad that I'm not being over-dramatic about the cover. (And sassy, I'm glad you eventually made it home! Sheesh!)

Beth: You should indeed. Also, I just noticed that I'm listed in the "nerdy websites of awesome" list at your blog, which made me laugh.


I think you're being overly dramatic about the cover.


I think the cover's okay; I've certainly seen worse.
I SO want to read this book. I loved Devilish, really liked Suite Scarlet and Girl and Sea, and really though 13 Little Blue Envelopes was lame and weak. This new one looks really intriguing and I can't wait to get a copy and see what I think.


not "though"


When i panned down it didn't even register to me that this was actually a Maureen Johnson book. i looked at your post title and then did a double take. Yeah, not too big a fan of the cover either. The book sounds interesting though.


What bothers me the most about the cover is that it is not representative of the book and just a blatant grab at the paranormal romance market for teens. It's the sheer laziness of it that I find so annoying.

But I'm very excited about the book itself!


Yes! Thank you for acknowledging that horrible cover!

The Shades

I read the book and it was AWESOME!!!!

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