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06 September 2011


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How about Kim, in Patricia Wrede's magical Regency books starting with Mairelon the Magician?


I love George Cooper from Tamora Pierce's Tortall series. He is absolutely my favorite character from the Song of the Lioness books (Daine and Numair take the entire run of Tortall books for me, though).


Since Locke Lamora isn't YA, I'd have to say Fisk, from Hilari Bell's Knight and Rogue series.


Oh, I'll throw Locke on there anyway -- that series is totally a crossover. Any blurb goodness you'd like to add?

Elizabeth Bunce

What a great list! And I say that as a huge fan of thieves (um, in fiction!) first, before I ever wrote about one. I love Rosto in Pierce's Beka Cooper books possibly even more than George. There's also the complex, conflicted and utterly marvelous Jame from PC Hodgell's GODSTALK. (I'd also add Tracy Whitney from Sidney Sheldon's IF TOMORROW COMES, who pretty much started the love affair for me... but that's decidedly NOT YA, even if I was, um, twelve when I read it. :D)

I'm actually starting a series of great readalongs for LIAR'S MOON on my blog next week, and I'll be hitting some of these titles there, as well. Thanks! ~ecb


Seconding George Cooper as well as Kavi from Hilari Bell's Farsala trilogy.


Yay for Gen! <3

What about Artemis Fowl? I want to add Telemakos from Elizabeth E. Wein's Lion Hunters series but he's not exactly a thief, he just reminds me of Gen because he's sneaky and loves spying on people.

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