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05 September 2011


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When you talked about campaigning for not-buzzed-enough books last week, this was one of the ones I immediately thought of! Maybe I should add to the noise myself after all...


You totally should!

Deva Fagan

Oh, I loved StarCrossed and cannot wait for Liar's Moon. But I am so very sad that it sounds like the publisher isn't going to continue with more books in the series. But hey, the MONSTRUMOLOGIST got a fourth book so perhaps with enough attention we will see a third Digger book? I am so happy to see the article on the Kirkus blog and hope it will bring more readers to the series! Thank you for posting it!


Deva, I haven't heard anything like that: I hope I didn't give that impression! I just love the series, think that it deserves more attention than it's getting, and I'd hate to see a Monstrumologist-like situation develop.

(If you've seen related news, though, please send me the link!)

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