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27 September 2011


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Oh wow, I thought the Stephanie Plum books were perpetually stuck in Hollywood limbo. I hadn't realized the movie was this far along. Can't wait until I get home and can watch the trailer, with sound. I hope it doesn't make me want to cringe too much.


Actually it's looking good to me. Plenty of favourite scenes are in the trailer. (Grandma shooting the turkey, Morelli handcuffing Stephanie to the shower…) What I see of Stephanie, Morelli, Ranger, and Lulu don't clash with my imagined versions of them. Only, where's Rex? If Rex is in the movie I'll be happy.


Yeah, color me easily pleased, because I liked it. But I've never read any of the books.


I never made it through the first book, so maybe I'll like the generic movie version of it.


@Maridesce: Agreed on Rex! He's a must.

@Hope: I think it might be less that you're easily pleased and more that I'm a huge ball of crankypants who's waaaaay too hard on movie trailers.


I'm not sure I like the casting decisions (but then I'm always tough on the casting decisions for movies based on books I've read), and I agree that it looks pretty generic, like a cross between The Bounty Hunter and a bunch of different Sandra Bullock romantic comedies. Still, I'll definitely go see if it plays in my local movie theater.

Suze in CO

Oh, I'd forgotten the naked guy! And yes, Rex needs to make an appearance. But doesn't OFTM (the book) have kind of a dark, murderous-boxer/wrestler plot line in it too? There's no sign of that anywhere in the trailer.


Yeah, there totally was: He beat the crap out of Lula, if I remember correctly.

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