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15 November 2011


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Huh. Snow White is becoming a bad-ass?


Julia Roberts doesn't seem to be acting as much as talking like herself thinking she's in a joke movie...if that makes sense. Second one looks like I'll laugh at it, first one looks like I'll want to see the huntsman without his shirt more often.


I see what you mean about KStew. She must have gone to the Hilarie Burton School of Acting. (I swear Burton never shut her mouth once, the entire time she was on "White Collar").


I am so annoyed that I like the Charlize Theron trailer more. I'm such a traitor.


Uh... if Snow White is supposed to be that pretty, why did they pick Kristen Stewart? I'm sorry, but, "pretty" just doesn't work with her.

Auntie M.

I don't think I've ever been so torn by a movie. Chris Hemsworth's chest vs Kristen Stewart's...everything. Augh! As if pairing him with Natalie Portman wasn't torture enough.

On a side note, why is physical aggression and violence the preferred alternative for the new female role model? It's always especially ridiculous when the female in question has the muscle tone of a petunia seedling and we're supposed to believe she's walking around in eighty pounds of armor and wielding a hefty sword. Show me a woman who actually looks physically capable of pulling this sh*t off and maybe I'll buy it, but that is never going to happen.

Brooke Shirts

Um, I only see one trailer, and a scrolling Amazon ad.

Brooke Shirts

Reloaded the page, and now it's okay. Never mind.


@Brooke: PHEW! I was worried for a second, there!


The trailer for the first one makes me feel like I'll never want to go see a movie again. I'm so very tired of movies just being special effects reels...especially since CG is boring in that quantity.


The other one looks cheap and as if it was made ten years ago and left in the can.


I like a laugh, so I'm more intrigued by the second - jokey as it seems. But I think there's a bigger picture here: these two trailers gives a great example of the difference between Middle-Grade and Young Adult.


Ooo, nice call, MR! Totally.

Diana Peterfreund

So Charlize Theron's queen has the Dementor's Kiss? Just saying.

I'm really disappointed in Mirror Mirror. It looks ridiculous -- and how can one trailer have so many sweeping crane shots of a castle on a penninsula?


I liked the K Stewart trailer more - mainly because it was darker and the Huntsman is HOT. The Julia Roberts trailer annoyed me. Her "signature" laugh is grating and like Penchantforpenning noted, she doesn't seem like she's acting. One of the reasons why I can't watch her anymore. It's the feeling I have that Roberts expects her laugh and smile to carry her through a movie that makes me want the K Stewart version to do well while Julia's flops.


Chris Hemsworth's movie, definitely. He's the only person in that movie, as far as I'm concerned, and I refuse to be corrected on this. Just like I choose to ignore Natalie Portman's presence in Thor.

And :sigh: I'll probably see Mirror, Mirror because I can't resist horrible looking movies. I blame my father and his love of campy, 'kill-me-now' movies, which somehow was passed down to me.

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