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22 December 2011


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Fix history? I'm pretty much of the 'you can't, you'll screw it up worse' school of thought, so if they actually 'fix history' (and to be honest not quite sure what that would entail and fix for who - too many questions are raised by this premise) that's probably not for me.


I'm not sure if "fix history" is supposed to mean set history to the way we know it--"Benjamin Franklin is trying to make it as a ballerina! We need to get him into politics!"--or if it means you need to change bad stuff in history--"Let's kill Hitler!" Either way, I'm not sure the Doctor would approve.

Diana Peterfreund

One of my friends is writing for this series. The key is that, as announced, it's set in an ALTERNATE history -- one that has been corrupted by the bad guys. the characters are trying to "fix" it to be what we know of.

I actually recall several Dr Who episodes with precisely this framework. "this isn't the way it's supposed to be" etc.


@Diana: Yeah, the description made me immediately think of Thursday Next "fixing literature" in the Jasper Fforde books. I'm more curious to see how the combo book/online game will work. Obviously, I've seen other semi-similar multi-format stories, like 39 Clues or Skeleton Creek, but I'm always curious to see each new spin.

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