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28 December 2011


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Now I've got to check out the first book in this series to see if I like it! This sounds like too much fun.


Who knew MTV was still publishing books? Beyond their TV show tie-in stuff, I mean. It was a big deal that they were getting into YA novels when Perks of Being a Wallflower came out, but either I'm totally out of their loop or completely not paying attention.


I don't know if they are for sure, actually -- this one's from a few years ago, and the new one (out this month) is only available in ebook format, I think.


Well, they can always rest on their Perks laurels. I just replaced our tattered copy for the umpteenth time, and the cover of the latest edition says there's a million copies in print. I know that book is a hard act to follow, but it seems like they squandered a lot of good will. They could have become a powerhouse YA publisher. Or maybe it was too soon since the YA book explosion came a few years later.


For sure, Perks is a free pass* for MTV Books, regardless of how sad their television offerings have become. I think it's a Simon & Schuster imprint?

*As in, Nic Cage will forever get a free pass from me because of his performance in Wild at Heart, and so on.


What about Valley Girl?


Oh, I like lots of movies that he's in! I just mean that because of Wild at Heart, I'll never, ever write him off, no matter how many remakes of The Wicker Man that he insists on starring in.

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