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14 December 2011


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I can only hope that Suzanne Collins is getting a nice chunk of change for that. Unfortunately I don't see any that particularly appeal to me....


I thought I heard somewhere that they had nixed this idea. I guess they changed their minds. This sort of thing just reminds me of the nail polish line that Justin Bieber put out (my aunt and I cracked up when we saw that in Target) -- a bit too campy for my tastes. Plus the colors are kind of ugly (and why would anyone want to put something on their nails that are named after enlarged goose liver is beyond me).


They had nixed it, but then they changed the names and went ahead with it. Or something like that.

I like the Agro one. And Riveting.


I totally get that this is a marketing ploy, but some of those are nice colors. I might have to check out Smoke and Ash or Riveting.


I like a lot of the colors!


Not as vibrant as I had hoped. They're all very wearable and mainstream...but still pretty badass.

Jackie Parker

I'm into the grays. I bet Stone Cold has a cool shimmer.


As much as I'm not fond of the idea of the Hunger Games getting so commercialized I have to say this is kind of cool!


I like the Agro one. And Riveting.

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