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19 December 2011


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I think Flowers was *meant* to be a titillating, prurient novel, and yes, I read it breathlessly the summer of seventh grade. I skimmed through Forbidden (couldn't handle the stress of really reading it), but I didn't get the same vibe. I figure the eye-catching cover and word of mouth will get readers to the book, and I can focus on ignoring both it and my maternal misgivings about its existence.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, the Brits don't see first-cousin relationships as incestuous. Did you ever read The Gabriel Hounds by Mary Stewart? That was my first inkling that they felt differently. I remember reading an interview with Meg Rosoff after she got the Printz where she was surprised at Americans' reactions to the relationship. She said she'd been away from home too long.


I didn't feel that Suzuma was shooting for titillation, either -- the sexy scenes came after such a lot of agonizing (on Loch's part, especially), and only after the reader was very, very clear on the situation and could understand, to some extent, how the situation could come about. I wasn't rooting for them to run away together, necessarily, but I was certainly rooting for their situation to get way, way better.

The cousin thing in the Rosoff book didn't bother me -- but, then, I read a lot of Regency romances.

Have you seen the movie Lone Star?


Yes! That was brilliantly done. I was so torn between feeling sorry and grossed out. It was the first time I'd seen Chris Cooper in a movie, and I've kept an eye out for him ever since.


Ha! That's actually the only sibling incest story I can think of where I rooted for them to work it out -- I figured, they grew up never knowing that they were siblings, and she couldn't have kids, and there'd been so many horrible misunderstandings and assumptions and so on that by the end, I was glad that they went for it.

(Unless I'm misremembering it. I haven't seen it in over a decade.)

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