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11 January 2012


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Liz B

To repeat something I said on twitter: I am waiting for the Hunger Games Prom Dress.


I will DIE. And you know it'll totally happen, what with the Opening Day stuff.

At least the Twilight wedding dress made SENSE.

Jackie Parker

It's more fun to dress up like someone from the Capitol?

Emily Calkins

I always sort of feel this way about people who dres as Death Eaters/get Dark Mark tattoos, etc. I realize it's a little different because of the way this is being marketed, but still.


Agreed on that, which is why I think that pushing the fashion angle is genius. But there's still something wicked creepy about it. Or maybe I'm finding it creepy that there isn't much conversation about it being creepy?

I dunno.

All I do know is that I'm totally banking on a snow day tomorrow, and if it doesn't happen, I might cry.


@Emily: That's right, I forgot about the Dark Mark tattoos! I kind of put that in the same category as dressing up as Darth Vader or other Sith-y types.

Why do I not find that especially creepy while I find this Hunger Games stuff odd? (I'm trying to think this out.) Maybe because that's actively dressing up as an obvious, clear-cut villain, whereas dressing up as a Capitol resident is... something else. I mean, discounting the folks in the Resistance, the residents of the Capitol are either evil or conformist sheep, no?


Yeah, this is weird. Also, doesn't the Capitol control what District citizens see and don't see on television anyway? This fashion-starved thing seems so irrelevant to the Districts. More like *actually starved.*

Diana Peterfreund

i love the cray cray capitol costumes though. i also feel like fans doing villainous cosplay is a TOTALLY different situation than movie marketers being all like "hello, villains!" to a market that largely has no idea that these people ARE the villains.

Pushing darth maul in phantom menace marketing was a different situation, since the audience was already excited to see more lightsaber action, from heroes AND villains. plus, the whole trilogy was about a villain.

Oh, it's late.


@Diana: Re: the late, I know, right? Even at 9:30 last night, my brain was starting to be Done With The Thinking.

Anyway, yeah, I'm really looking forward to the Capitol scenes in the movie -- I'm thinking (judging by the advertising) that they'll have gone all-out on the clothes. And I'm totally agreed about the difference between villainous cosplay and this stuff. With the cosplay, there's a conscious decision to dress up as a Bad Guy, whereas with this, I feel that there's a lot of "Oooo, pretty, I want that", which is a big part of how the populace of the Capitol was (and, some would argue, we are) kept distracted, docile and obedient.

All of that Serious Stuff said, I love the clothes.

Steph Su

Whoa. Thanks for sharing this. I suppose it IS yet another way to market the movie, but... it kind of reminds me of supermodel runway shows and all those ridiculous outfits that people don't *actually* wear in real life, but which represent the, er, unattainable level of fashion that the masses still aspire to and consider the "role model"? I'll have to think more on this...


I don't know if marketing people know the meaning of irony. I think this is mostly them going, "But poor, starving people are soooo icky!" and looking around for something shiny in the books to sell. My cynicism, let me show you it.

It does provoke some uncomfortable thought processes for people who actually know what the Capitol is supposed to represent. Maybe it's useful just for that.


I agree with Maureen. With the exception of the outfits they wear to get introduced in the arena there is nothing glamorous about the tributes. You can't make old worn out clothes sexy and if it isn't sexy how can you sell it? (Although pre-ripped jeans were a big thing for a while and they sold those for crazy high prices).

I think what bothers me about dressing like the people from the Capital, as opposed to Sith Lords or even Death Eaters, is that the situation in Hunger Games is far more plausible than the other too. There isn't any fantasy in Hunger Games, just science run amok for things like Tracker Jackers. That fact, combined with our nation's overwhelming love of reality tv and violence and our government's recent push towards more restrictive legislation makes me think that something like what happens in the Capitol and the Hunger Games is entirely possible. Shudder.


That should read "other two." Homophone fail!

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