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11 January 2012


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kelly jensen

150% agree. And, sigh, if this book is about Saba again and it's got a muscle-decked guy on the cover, I am going to punch things.

John Bickerstaff

forget the contrast, I like the figure =)
I'm OK with this cover, yeah.


Kelly: YES.

John: I totally, totally get you. Eye-candy-wise, I approve.


Gotta love the blurb from MTV Hollywood Crush, because that's automatically who I think of when I'm in need a book recommendation.

Maureen E


But hey! I didn't know the title before, so that's cool, I guess.


Let the waiting commence!


"Better than Hunger Games"??
Mmmm not so sure about that and I loved this book.
But yeah, as hot as the dude is, this is way too different from Book One's style/mood, which I thought was spot on.

Diana Peterfreund

cover, schmover. If the blurb doesn't piss people off (which it MIGHT), it'll sell like hotcakes.

Lindsey Carmichael

I prefer the cover of the BRR hardcover, but this one matches the softcover, so I guess that's the reason behind the change. And also, muscles.


It looks like it should be the poster for the next I Am Number Four movie.


Yeah, I kind of agree, even if the scenery is pretty. Oh, and there are some nice sand dunes and things too. But I'm just happy to have a title to put on my librarything list.

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