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02 February 2012


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i hate emo kids

Um, I know I already told you but I'M SO IN.

I can only hope that Spot Conlon is as hot on Broadway as he was to my ten year old self.



Happily, we had the hots for different characters, so we don't even have to fight over them!



My scientist (and back to the future loving) husband who is reading over my shoulder would like me to point out that it's "Jiggawatts" not Gigawatts. Gigawatts, he says, are real.


@Alysa: Ha ha, nice! It's funny, because I wasn't sure when I was writing the post, so I Googled it, saw that other people had spelled it that way, and figured I was safe. Ah, well. Now this post will just add to the confusion! :P


My shop worked on some of the costumes so I got to see it when it was at the Papermill Playhouse in New Jersey. It was really great. The amount of roughly 25-35 year old women in the audience absolutely out of their skin with excitement (including myself) was hilarious.

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