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06 February 2012


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OH MY GOD THIS IS PERFECT. Also. My favourite episodes of Futurama are with crazy killer Santa. I must see this. Perfect call. But I am not surprised about that.


I've come to the sudden realization that my life will not be complete until I see this.


I just saw this one for the first time in December. It's so crazy good!


Saw this one a few months ago and still not sure what to make of it. I was convinced it was going to be terrible after the first ten minutes of terrible dialogue and cliched set up but then I found myself getting into the story. The "Die Hard" end sequence was unexpected too. Enjoyed it overall

Jackie Parker

I'm alternating between hysterical laughter and incredulous WTF.


Two words: Santa penises.

Did that tip you over the edge into one or the other?

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