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08 February 2012


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Angela H.

I want some of his grilled cheese like WOAH like right now. I also grew up on eating grilled cheese made with Velveeta and loved its ooey-gooeyness, but I can't bring myself to buy it as an adult. If only I had culinary skills and patience, I would make this for myself.


My zillion-cheese homemade mac & cheese requires Velveeta -- I've tried and tried to find a good substitute, but nothing else melts the same way. So I'm totally going to try this, because that would chuck all of my Velveeta-guilt RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW.

Angela H.

My spouse's grandmother also made her homemade mac 'n' cheese with Velveeta, so I think you're in good company on that front. If you do make this, I think you should report to all of us how it went. :)

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