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27 February 2012


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I love how they consider The Boxcar Children and The Saddle Club teen book series. Pretty sure I read both when I was in second grade. And if I was Katniss, I don't think I'd want to be "running around the arena" in a bright red jacket, no matter how "super-cute" it is. Good way to end up dead.


Right? Right? So dumb.

Brian F.

You know, you can bypass the slideshow and click the next button to get you through the whole thing in about a minute...


I was doing that! Still got bored. (I'm sick, though, which might make my attention span shorter than usual...)

Diana Peterfreund

I thought this was SO terrible. There was a total lack of knowledge about any tee novels not published after 1983 and not currently being advertised as a major motion picture. Also, mostly not teen novels. I mean, Little House? Boxcar Children? Ugh.


Wow, I ... wow. Hello, five minutes more of just, y'know, Googling YA books would have given this piece more depth.

Ironic, really, how because young adults are considered a "rich" field to tap for adult authors, they're coming on over... and now even the fashion industry is trying to cash in.

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