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20 February 2012


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Wow. I kind of hated Endhiran - not because it was full of robot-y goodness and full of teh crazy in terms of the huge Bollywood full-on, related-to-nothing-at-all music fests -- that was fine. I really struggled with some cultural things... the scientist's assistants. They were both dark and equally stupid. As the robot made its way through the world, having gotten loose, every village and South Asian culture which it encountered which was made up of darker people was full of individuals acting crudely and stupidly. I know. It's a reflection of caste. I know. I'm supposed to leave my sociology checklist at the door. But I couldn't.

I want to see Folklore rather badly. And Attack the Block is far more real to me now that I understand what Council Housing is, and all of that. Whoa, do I want to see that.

Good fun.


Tanita: Yet another reason for you to relocate in New England! Anyway, yes: Endhiran. I was able to set it aside, but it was rather glaring. The thing that I had a hard time with, oddly enough, was that by the end of the movie, I kind of hated the heroine (especially the heroine) and the hero (not as much) because throughout the movie, they treated Chitti so poorly -- and because the end of the story reinforced the 'even though you're a sentient being, you're worth less than us' thing. And we watched it coupled with movies like the Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Frankenstein, and a few others that dealt with the same issue in one way or another, so it was something that was on my mind throughout the marathon. If that makes sense.

But then the amazing costumes and musical numbers made all of my issues go flying out the window. OH NO. DESPITE ALL ATTEMPTS TO THE CONTRARY, I'M TOTES A RESIDENT OF THE CAPITOL! Sigh. Wow, though. I'd love to see their costume shop.


Okay, so, not only did I fink out and miss this, AGAIN, I also watched Attack the Block Friday night. So very stupid!


YES, Leila - I also wanted to kick the heroine off of a train -- could she have been any more annoying? -- and the scientist, too. Hello, he was a robot, yes, but ... I dunno, he was achieving sentience of a sort... I have a soft spot for the machine people, I guess.

Ooh... the Capitol Costume Shop. I am all over the gold eyeliner, by the way. I'd love to see men rock that look. I will put on the Effie lashes if I can see someone (Josh?) rock the gold liner...

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