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27 February 2012


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Yay! :) Having read the US version of Graffiti Moon, this post (http://www.thereadventurer.com/1/post/2012/02/ya-review-graffiti-moon-by-cath-crowley.html) has convinced me that I need to read the Aussie version as well. Scroll down to "A Few Notes About the Differences Between the U.S. and Australian Editions" because "I hesitate to say that this book is completely different, but...this book is completely different." So . . . instead of reading your dog-eared copy again, read the other country's version! I'm curious if the UK edition will be closer to the Aussie or US version.

As far as I know, A Little Wanting Song has more poems than Chasing Charlie Duskin, but I haven't read a detailed breakdown of the differences in Cath Crowley's debut.



Wow, I can't believe it was changed so significantly! I'll definitely have to track down an Aussie copy!


I'm so glad you liked it! I think Lucy and Ed have joined the ranks of some of my favorite characters of all time. Jazz and Leo are a shoe-in, too.

If you really want an Aussie copy of Graffiti Moon (I know I do after another blogger pointed me in the direction of the post Justine linked to) and don't mind waiting for forever and a day, you can always order it from fishpond.com. On the plus side, their prices are pretty reasonable for Aussie books (which tend to be pricey, from what I've heard)and they have free shipping worldwide.

I'm going to have to check out The Opposite of Invisible, because Lucy's glassblowing intrigued me. And speaking of Saving Francesca, have you had a chance to read The Piper's Son? If you haven't, definitely give it a go. I think it might have edged out Jellicoe Road for my favorite Melina Marchetta book to date, and that's saying something, because my love for Jellicoe Road knows no bounds.

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Linda W

I loved it! Cath Crowley's style is so lovely and lyrical. I highly recommend A Little Wanting Song.

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