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15 February 2012


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They all look slightly creepy, like aliens.


Ugh! They're TERRIFYING, lol.
I agree with the alien thing, plus the men all look womanny for some reason. And the necks are all the same! *shudder*


They are really ghastly. Humbert Humbert works, because I think he should look really creepy and he SO does. I'm heartbroken over my Mr. Rochester, though. I totally want him to be handsome. Not a "hotty" per se, but having looks that befit his humor and intelligence. I do love me some Mr. Rochester!!!!


I think the creepiness just comes with the format -- have you ever seen a computer-generated criminal sketch that isn't vaguely yicky?


I'll bee seeing Rochester in my nightmares.

Lisa Yee

Okay, I am totally creeped out.


At least we all have each other?

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I think the creepiness just comes with the format

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