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06 February 2012


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I am so glad you liked it!


FINALLY! Yay that you liked it too :D


Yes, very, very much!


Yeah, I'm Team Lord Hector, too. Not that you wanted to know this, but he saw her all the time - thin, fat, in-between; that equals Worthy Male to me. And hey, he can also just be her, like, secretary or whatnot. You know.

Okay, I suddenly need to reread this book.

It's sad: I'm working on calling the librarian of the teeeeeensy library in our village, to start shifting the Cybils books OUT, and there are just some that I cannot give up. Every. Single. Year. This is ridiculous; I'm supposed to be traveling light through this world, blah blah blah. So not working.


I need to read this book again, just to figure out the age difference between Hector and Elisa. I didn't think there was a huge age difference-- I thought he was around the same age as what's-his-name, Elisa's husband.

Anyway, I think this was my favorite read of '11 and I'm glad you liked it too.

Lindsey Carmichael

I love this one, too! I read it as an e-galley, but I'm going to order a copy from Britain. Google the UK cover and you'll know why - it is STUNNING.


@Tanita: YES. And that's why I loved him -- he always saw her as her. Period. As who she was, and who she became. And I totally, totally understand your Book Pain. Believe me.

@Jill: I assumed he was older than what's-his-name, because he'd served under the previous king. But, now that I think about it, that wouldn't necessarily be the case. So, yeah. Either way, I live in the hope that they'll hook up.

@Lindsey: I saw it at Finding Wonderland -- it's so pretty!


Go Team Hector!

Lily Anderson

Okay. You sold me. Like read the review, went to Amazon, blew a little of my tax refund sold me.

Damn you for invoking Cashore, Pierce, AND McKinley.

Lisa K

Thanks for the link to cover story! Maybe the camels are a bit much, but that cover is way more plausible. I trusted a friend's recommendation to get over my cover issues and even open it and I wasn't very far in at all before I got mad at such an icky cover hiding this good book.

Melissa (Book Nut)

You piqued my interest with the fact that you forgot to eat breakfast, and sold me on "fans of Kristin Cashore. I'm definitely reading it now.


Thanks so much for recommending this title. I grabbed our copy from the teen shelf and love it.


I'm totally on Team Lord Hector! I also agree about that final climactic scene - in my head I saw it as a cinematic montage with crazy angles and swirling lights, which is so different from the tone of the rest of the book.

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