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06 February 2012


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You are AMAZING!! Yay for all your nonficYA reading!!

I am SO far behind, in the "never catch up" category. ::deep sigh::


No, no, I haven't read any of the nonfiction!

But, yes, I am amazing.

swarovski uk

Which, long story short, is awesome.


With Texas Gothic you had me at Barbara Michaels, with Misfits you had me at American Gods. I bought Misfits for my library and promptly forgot it because the cover does nothing for me - guess I'll pull it off the shelf now.

And I have to laugh at your comment about Pinterest in your Kirkus mini-bio. I've never understood the appeal of Tumblr, but good lord have I wasted hours (days? years?) of my time at Pinterest.


@Lisa: Yeah, I found the cover extremely boring as well! I wouldn't have gotten to it nearly as quickly if it hadn't been on the Cybils shortlist!

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