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03 March 2012


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in which you are responsible for adding YET ANOTHER book to my absurdly tall tbr.


I read this book years ago and loved it before all the Titanic hype!


Wait! Is this ...?? Years ago (I swear, when I was in 5th grade, which would have been grumblegrumble around 1977) I read a book where the protagonista (what is a female protagonist?) would go into some trance-like thing and one time, she awoke cold, icy wet and with a blanket from the Titanic. As I'm thinking out that plot, I'm realizing that this book (A/M) is probably not that one. Though my memory, befuddled by years of just years and alcohol and children, could be wrong about my timeframe for reading the book. I see this one was published originally in 1980. Hmmm.

My search must go on. Celine Dion pun intended.


@Melissa: Could you be thinking of Richard Peck's Blossom Culp series? I think there's a thread about the Titanic in there somewhere. Maybe in the second book, Ghosts I Have Been?

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