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10 March 2012


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Seth Christenfeld

Trexler Crabapple, District 12. Killed by failed acrobatic maneuvers.


Awesome. I'm Krumpet Huggledeen, District 9, killed by...wait for it...JEALOUSY.


That is AWESOME.


Regret Bucketwood, District 9, killed by a bear. What a way to go.

Ellie Mitten

Wormwood Ficklewood, District 12. Clearly a rebel, as killed for refusing to take part.

Liz B

My first one was killed by an arrow to the eye. But my favorite one: killed for taking Haymitch's drink.


@Liz: That's just fabulous!


These guys are definitely getting more creative. I can't decide which is a better way to die: crippling ennui, defenestration, or the literal manifestation of teen angst (what does that even look like?).

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