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24 April 2012


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Wow, I'm way out of it. I didn't know anything was even going on.

Lisa @Read.Breathe.Relax.

First, thanks for the mention! Second, I just wanted to note that I made that comment about Kristi before her Clarification post today. She clearly admitted to plagiarizing, in which case my post about how to prevent yourself from making the same mistake is still relevant.



Thanks for letting me know, Lisa -- I'll make a note above.


Thanks for the round-up. The way people have reacted has been enlightening.


Rach -- Parajunkee has a very good take on this too.

Angela H.

Thanks for such an unbiased and thoughtful round-up of the news on this issue. As you note, things have devolved very quickly. Also, as someone who is staunchly anti-plagiarist (and an English teacher in training), I had an immediate, negative reaction, but I don't think all of what's gone down since then has been warranted.

Jennifer in GA

Do you suppose some of the backlash against bloggers who plagiarise stems from the fact that some bloggers don't belong to the "tradtional" media but still get perks, freebies or even get paid for what is considered (by some) nothing more than a "fandom" activity? That doesn't even take into account authors who started out as bloggers and turned their work into a multi-book and/or movie deal.

And I know I've brought it up before, but then you've got the Queen-of-Plagiarising-who-managed-to-come-out-smelling-like-a-rose-even-after-being-caught-redhanded Cassandra Clare, who is truly getting paid the big bucks these days, and has made it to the higher ranks of YA writers. WOuld her newer fans still support her as they do if they knew her history with "lifting" and "borrowing" and "It's not plagiarism! It's a pastiche!"? At this point, I think they would, simply because they like what she is writing.

But she'll still never get a penny of my money, just as I would withdraw my support from any author or blogger who was found to plagiarising.



As always, thanks for the objective round-up of things I'm not sure I want to know, but which, nevertheless, are important to keep track of - Funny, but my reaction to books are so left-of-center that it never would occur to me to plagiarize; I think there must be some pressure to have an opinion that is going on that within our kidlitosphere circle doesn't happen.

Which is nice.

Maureen E

And once again I am completely clueless about a controversy involving a "major blogger" (i.e., have never heard of the site before). I can never decide that means I'm out of the loop, or if I just hang out in the best circles.


Thanks for the round-up (and for linking to my post). At this point I think the entire issue has brought up some bigger questions that I'd love to see discussed but that, in light of many of the reactions (both supportive and non-supportive, there's a lot of extreme-ness), I worry won't be able to be discussed rationally. I do think the question of why this has gotten certain reactions is one worth thinking/talking about and that almost seems a separate issue from Kristi herself. (Although, in all honesty, I do see this as a very SPECIFIC plagiarism case because of who she is and the fact that much of her blog is built on these types of blog-help posts.)

Hope this comment is at least somewhat coherent.


And my rebuttal, since you've done such a stellar job of summarizing this whole thing:

Now it’s MY turn for a “clarification”…


Nice timing -- I suspect I was adding it just as you were leaving that comment!

I'm sorry you're getting hate mail. Totally, totally uncool.


Another post worth reading: Book Bloggers Plagiarising - What Happens Now? @ Cuddlebuggery Book Blog.

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