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25 April 2012


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He's done a good job, I just wish he'd sung the movie versions of the songs instead of the stage versions. I've tried, but I can't get into the changes.


I saw it in NYC this weekend, and I have to tell you, it's not just girls-of-a-certain-age (*cough*I'm 30*cough*). The theater was packed about 905 with women, yes, but with everyone from young teens to people who probably were moms of teenagers when the movie came out and forced to watch the VHS on repeat (I'm not saying I did that to my mom...or anything). I've never heard such fangirl squealing on Broadway, and the crush outside when the cast came out to sign autographs and take pictures rivaled a Beiber concert (I am assuming, I've never been to one). The people letting out of Mary Poppins across the street looked completely bemused by what was going on at Nederlander, and even the typical blase NYC residents were stopping to ogle at the sheer massiveness of the excitement over Broadway stars. Anyway, it really validated the love 15 year old me had for that movie, and Jack Kelly in particular, and oh did I mention, IT IS AMAZING. Just had to share :)


Oooo, thanks for sharing. I would have been right there with you, squealing away!

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