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16 April 2012


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Yeah, I lost my best friend to cancer 3+ years ago and everyone said, "No, read it, it will be good." Liars. I mean, it's a vey good book...

You can read what I thought here, if interested: gettingdressedoutofthedryer.tumblr.com/


Oh. I totally would have told it was going to make you sob.

Hmm interesting that some people thought Augustus was "too perfect." I kind of thought that if you were not Hazel, Isaac, or anyone he liked that he had the potential to be a real ass.


I don't know who you were talking to that told you TFIOS wouldn't make you cry, because I cried like a little girl.
As for Augustus being too perfect, well, I didn't think so the first time around, and I'm not quite brave enough to read it a second time to confirm that.


I don't know if I think that Augustus was "too perfect", but could easily see why some readers might see him that way. Since Hazel's the one telling the story, we get her "deep thoughts" as well as her anger and sass and everything else, and so we get to know her better -- except for a few scenes in the last third of the book, we almost always see Augustus as pulled together and in 'Philosopher Mode'.

Holy cow, though. I swear there were people who were all, "Oh, you'll be fine."


I love that Hazel read poetry, but didn't write it.

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