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16 April 2012


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I vote for fail. There's no way that girl looks Asian - esp in a darkened alley.


The girl on the cover looks vaguely eastern european... Maybe the part of Asia that Russia is in? Ha.


If that's the case, the bit about the katana (the third quote I posted at Kirkus) makes no sense. Sigh.

Angela H.

*So* glad to see someone bringing light to this. When I read the ARC last month and noticed the obvious whitewashing, I was surprised/dismayed to realize that I hadn't seen any talk about it in the greater blogosphere. A few Goodreads friends acknowledged it and we all plan to note it in our reviews, but I expected more commentary.


You know those episodes of Maury Pauvich where the audience has to decide whether the guest is a man in drag or a woman? I feel like that now: that's a white girl, Maury! She white!

But really, they could have at least tried to make her look Central Asia asian.


Well, while I'm dismayed that it's happening again, I'm glad to know that I wasn't just imagining things.


I think it's a case of gender-switching. That's totally a dude.


I've got a hardcover final copy in my hands - the cover is the same as above. Really too bad.


RATS. I was really hoping that they'd changed it.

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