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09 April 2012


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I almost snorted my coffee up my nose. KATNISS is an occultist, but not those looney-tunes in BRAVE NEW WORLD making a "T" sign on their stomachs and shouting "Orgy-porgy!"

Just more evidence that those who "object" to those books haven't actually READ those books.


Yeah, I'm pretty sure if they had read the Hunger Games trilogy, they would have perhaps come to the realization that the books take a pretty firm stance against violence and war. Same thing with To Kill a Mockingbird and racism. Goodness . . .


The inclusion of To Kill a Mockingbird is the straw that broke the camel's back. Have they not read these books?


Doesn't TKAM make this list yearly pretty much? Go Harper Lee!

(yeah, laughed at the line about Katniss, not so much anything else)

Dan Kleinman

We need to know how many times was The Hunger Games challenged. Last year the top book on the list was challenged a whopping four times all year. I think that has something to do with why the number of challenges is left out, except for the aggregate number. I suppose the good news is that books are rarely challenged.


You have to wonder about the people who receive the complaint about the racism in To Kill a Mockingbird. They must put their heads down on the desk and weep.

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