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17 May 2012


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I think I'll stick with Sherlock.


I think this sums up my reaction: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3xwc1694v1r9kuv0.gif


I'll reserve judgment until I see the first episode. It's already going to be hard to judge Elementary on its own merits because I'm going to want to compare it to Sherlock.

They've actually shot themselves in the foot by trying to ride Sherlock's popularity. If they were releasing this at any other time, Elementary could get away with being mediocre and probably attract a respectable audience. As it is, unless it's unexpectedly fantastic it will likely be killed by the backlash from disappointed Sherlock fans, because Elementary has an impossibly high bar to clear. It has to live up to Sherlock's impressive levels of quality and popularity, while simultaneously establishing its identity as more than a knockoff of the BBC version, while at the same time continuing to respect Doyle's source material. Some of the changes meant to set Elementary apart from Sherlock have already lost it goodwill among die-hard Holmes fans, like moving the setting to New York and making Watson a woman. (Personally, I'm fine with Watson being female as long as it's not just a ploy to have them hook up.)


And that's one of my major issues, right there -- it just seemed like there were a couple of looks in the video that suggested that they're going for the will-they-or-won't-they thing, and that bothers me. A lot.


I'm amazed by how many people are worried about the possibility that making Watson female is just a ploy to have them hook up. Sherlock is a series of thinly "veiled" hints at their relationship that people have taken and run with anyway. And it's going to be more blatant how?

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Holmes and Watson hooking up? Bleh. So what do they do when Irene Adler comes along?

Diana Peterfreund

Really? I think it looks like great fun, and I don't like procedurals. I love the idea of a female Watson (why is it such a boys club all the time?) and I love the actors involved.


Well, you know me: I'm endlessly crabby.

And, oddly enough, I have a real soft spot for procedurals! :)


When Moffat did this it was an original and brilliant concept bringing Sherlock into our century. This just feels like trying for the easy money. I'll give it a shot, but honestly I'm not expecting it to be something I latch onto...


What Gryph said. As if Sherlock doesn't make CONSTANT jokes about Holmes and Watson getting together. I mean, I really really don't want to see that in Elementary, but how can Sherlock fans be so upset about that possibility when Moffat & co are constantly winking and prodding us with their fake-gay penises.

Plus, I've just seen such an incredible amount of pure misogyny from Sherlock fans re: Elementary. I just. Sorry. I love Sherlock, but I hate the rabid fandom. Exposure to the fandom has very very seriously affected my enjoyment of the show and makes me feel the need to give Elementary a chance. (Though, tbqh, I have a lot of worries.)

"When Moffat did this it was an original and brilliant concept bringing Sherlock into our century." - Ugh. This is what I mean. I'm probably being too sensitive, but taking classic works of literature and putting them in modern day is STATUS QUO. It has been done a million times, and the only reason we're seeing so much Sherlock Holmes right now is because it came into the public domain a few years ago. I'm not saying Sherlock isn't great and that Moffat isn't great, but he's not a genius for thinking to put it in modern day. (Also, I guarantee you that at least this script was being written before Sherlock aired.)


Sorry for the rant. Apparently I have a lot of bottled up feelings about this.


How weird that Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller played Frankenstein and his Monster together on stage (and alternated roles each night) and now both are playing a modern Sherlock. Wonder if they are still speaking? Seems like Benedict might be a little pissy about this painful-looking imitation...


I don't think the BBC's Holmes and Watson should hook up either, because I stand by my opinion that John is straight and Sherlock is asexual and two characters can be the most important people in each other's lives without it being about sex. But I'd respect Sherlock a lot more than Elementary for actually going through with it, because it seems like they just turned Watson female so they could have their romantic tension without having, shock of shocks, a gay couple.

I don't have an inherent problem with Watson being female; I've seen at least one cluelessly misogynistic reaction to it that really pissed me off. (And considering the amount of Sherlock fanfiction that genderswaps some subset of the characters, the fandom has no standing to complain on that score.) There are ways that they could make having a female Watson work, but I think it will work better if they don't turn her into a love interest. I'd love to see them with more of a Mal-and-Zoe vibe.

But as far as originality, I can pretty much confirm that Elementary postdates Sherlock--if you check the Wikipedia page for Elementary, a BBC producer claims that before Elementary was developed, CBS was in talks to produce an American version of Sherlock. (Wikipedia also says that CBS has pitched similar ideas before, but this particular project was, at the least, suspiciously timed.)

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