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01 May 2012


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Maureen E

I agree with most of what Tanita says, though there have been points at which I've felt that, as a person of faith and more specifically a Christian, I'm not supposed to say anything about my faith. And I've seen R.J. Anderson, who is far from didactic, IMO, told that she's being "too Christian". So there is a certain amount of backlash/silencing being done. On the other hand, I just finished Grave Mercy, which does a wonderful job of showing an honest journey of faith. And you can argue (and Sounis has) that the Attolia series is basically the story of Gen moving from disbelief to acceptance of the gods. So obviously the original article is flawed, and yet, I think it's an important conversation to have, lest we end up losing voices. I know I've been troubled by the sense that questioning faith is welcomed and accepted, but accepting faith, especially Christian is not.

Sorry for the long response--this is kind of a personal issue for me and I'm still working out my feelings/responses to various comments and trends.


Oh, no apologies necessary! There's a lot to mull over, and I know I find it helpful to talk out stuff that I'm mulling over.

Anyway, yeah. It's certainly not uncomplicated. And it's very definitely worth talking about. To a degree, I think you're right about questioning vs. accepting -- but I think (hope?) that that's changing. Because it's such a big part of a whole lot of lives, and as there's an on-going conversation about the importance of seeing ourselves in fiction, it seems that faith would be part of that.


Love what Maureen said. That a thousand times.

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