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10 May 2012


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Maureen E

I am SO GLAD you loved this, as I read it in February (got the UK edition) and have been jumping down all over the place ever since, trying to convince EVERYONE I KNOW to read it. Wein was one of my favorite authors before (Telemakos series FTW!), but now I'm just kind of in awe.


I couldn't go back to the beginning and read it over again once I finished because I was too busy making everyone I know read it! Such a phenomenal book, easily one of my favorite teen books ever now, and I hope it wins a ridiculous number of awards at the end of the year. I have heard some people (who I forced to read the book) complain that it is confusing at first and difficult to get into, but I didn't have that problem at all. I really like what Maureen E says, it's a book that just kind of leaves you in awe.


I was scared to review this book, because I was specifically asked by the Egmont because I am friends with the author, and she gave them my name - gulp. I did that, "Please don't let it suck," prayer thing.


I am now threatening to put my finger on her to "touch greatness. Her editor told her not to bother going to ALA this year - but I think that after this January, she should start shopping for award dresses. SERIOUSLY. If not, you're right: a crime will have been committed...


So many great reviews for this book. I have added it to my must reads...and moved it up the que. Thank you for the recommendation.

Brooke Shirts

Can I ask a question, if it doesn't lead to too many spoilers --

Does this book contain scenes of torture? I'm really, really squeamish about that. Like, cover-my-eyes-in-the-movie-theater, plug ears and say "lalalalalala" until it's over. I know the main character's a POW or somesuch . . . Is this book okay for a Media Wimp like me?

I've been an admirer of Wein's work for many years, and I'm glad she's getting some major attention with this new novel.


I am so glad this book is getting attention. I love this book so much I cannot even be particularly coherent about it.

Brooke, one of the two main characters was captured by the Gestapo before the book started. There was torture, but it's mostly off stage, and even when it's discussed, there are no specific details listed. I can handle it, and I am a media wimp, too.


Your reaction = my reaction, pretty much. After I reined in all the emotions, I started recommending it to everyone I know.

I hope it gets ALL THE AWARDS. It's so brave, and brilliant, and real.


love love loved this book! So excited it's getting so many rave reviews!

@ Brooke Shirts, I don't remember graphic torture scenes but there are things that happen "off the page" per say.


Yep, everyone should read this! It's one of my favorites this year, I love EWein's writing.


Awesome. It was sitting here in my stack o' books, just blending in with all the other ARCS, but now? I'll start it today.

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