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11 June 2012


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My guess is that contemporary take = Anne in 2012. Really hope I'm wrong.




It says "in a more modern-day setting." That has got to mean 2012 or at least not in pre-WWI Canada. Yikes.


Yikes is the word! How do you have a modern Anne--one who obsesses over Tennyson poetry, writes romantic sob stories, and starts teaching at 17?

Imagine--Anne with a cell phone. Anne in a tank top. Anne in a modern giant high school. The mind boggles.


This morning I read another article about this story that said the show would “still be a period piece”, but I can’t find the article now. (Brave New World?)


Ack. Stuff set in the 1980s is now considered historical fiction.

Imagine Our Anne with crimped hair in a side ponytail, pegged jeans, and a Members Only jacket.

*hides under bed*


P.S. I found the article I referred to above. ”The new series will remain a period piece. But in this brave new world, where content needs to be multi-platform and freighted with social media savvy, the producers are already thinking of ways to make Anne relevant in the digital age.“ Whatever that means.


So wrong.

Diana Peterfreund


With historicals being such huge hits in the media -- Downtown Abbey, Mad Men, all the tudor-adjacent stuff, even fake-historical like GoT, it's appalling that they think people won't glom to Anne in her original setting.

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