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08 June 2012


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Elizabeth Fama

Maureen also brings up the point of how much writing these tours actually involve, and how those thousands of words could be going toward another novel instead. I wonder what she thinks of the current trend toward offering free e-books and online fiction (often short stories that are prequels to the novel)? Unless you're an established author, I question how many people read these things, and how well they help the marketing effort, and yet like book trailers (another questionably useful marketing tool) they seem to be becoming de rigueur.

Adam @ Hitting On Girls

I tend to glaze over blog tour posts for the very reason she points out: they get repetitive and boring.

Elizabeth, I don't think anyone reads them. I wasn't even aware of a few books that had them. You have to visit the author's website to even know about them. I know Veronica Roth did it for Insurgent, but why can't the author include it in their book?

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