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13 August 2012


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Sarah O'Keefe

re: monocle
Lord Peter Whimsey.


I *knew* I was forgetting someone. I shall update!

Maureen E

THANK YOU, Sarah! I was just about to say that myself. :)

Seth Christenfeld

Mark Z. Danielewski's Only Revolutions has two narrators and uses three or four colors of ink, I think.

But it also prints half of the text upside down, changes font sizes gradually, and is generally a mindfuck.

(I bought it the day of release in 2006 and I still haven't gotten up the cojones to try reading it.)


I've owned it for years, too! And I also haven't ginned up the courage to start it!


I can see why she was completely unaware of Teh Evil in the system - it's all she's known her entire life. Until her brother's death there was nothing to make her question it.

The new Jodi Picoult book Between the Lines has three different colors of type (black, green, purple) for the story-within-the-story, her story, and his story. Plus a healthy sprinkling of small b&w silhouette illustrations and the occasional full-page, full-color drawing reminiscent of Trina Schart Hyman. It's gorgeous!


Oh, I understand why. It's just that in my mind, a non-questioning badass is less badass than a questioning badass. I dunno.

I'll look for the Picoult -- I'm curious to see it now!

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