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17 October 2012


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Colleen Mondor

Honestly, I think they are pathetic too. The book was out 2-3 weeks, which isn't even overdue in most library systems (at least out here - you get them for a month unless brand new) but even if it's a 7 day book, it wasn't like she had it for a year. Then she offers to return it and they say no. So the lesson is that while drugs and poverty and teen pregnancies are all problems, you miss the dance for wanting to read and forgetting to return a single book.

Unless this kid is a secret drug kingpin, I think the school district is beyond pitiful for this.


Accusations of inaccuracy?? As reported on Fox 4 News??? Inquiring minds, indeed.


The main reason I'm thinking there might be more to the story is the spokeman's quote. But, YES. If it *was* only a matter of the book being late, and she offered to return it that day, and blah blah blah, then yes, they should have let her go. It seems like there might be more going on, though.

I also wonder a bit if the mother's call to the principal ultimately put the principal's back up and made her stick to her guns rather than be flexible? SO MANY FACTORS. AND SO MANY QUESTIONS.


And just so everyone knows, I went with 'enquiring' rather than 'inquiring' because the old commercials spelled it with an 'e'.

I even Googled to be sure before posting, which speaks to my utter nerditude.


Maybe she offered to return it but not to pay her fine?

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